Become a goddess of beach

Summer is knocking on the door of a tan our first rays of the sun. To do this, we looked like a Greek goddess, but the need for the bronze bit more. Therefore, the terms on holiday by the sea. On a holiday you do not have to pack a lot of useless, I recommend sunscreen by climate (Think of your skin type and accordingly choose SPF), summer dresses, flip flops, towel or bath towel and of course the amazing swimwear panache that you molded perfect figure. Every woman on the beach you will be the envy of every man is behind you turns and whistles. And that is the beginning of a journey to you of myself Greek goddess ...

How to Lose Weight - 18 effective tips for weight loss

We bring you 18 tips to lose weight that will help you reduce weight and maybe even change your current health condition and eating habits. They are simple and effective. Read all of them, it will not take more than 5 minutes. Choose from these 5 tips to apply for 10 days and gradually add more and more.

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